• Good day! Today I am procrastinating from actually accomplishing anything ... [ Read More ]

    Tudor Revival Style Exterior Options
  • I accepted a challenge to recreate a Layered Centerpiece inspired by an ... [ Read More ]

    Layered Centerpiece – Pinterest Inspired
  • While looking around at kitchen ideas I keep coming across these really ... [ Read More ]

    Butler’s Pantry – I Want One
  • Time for a Dining Room Update! We went from long, dark and heavy to old, ... [ Read More ]

    Dining Room Update – A New Table!
  • I'd rather be painting but....It's raining....again (or still). I have ... [ Read More ]

    I’d Rather Be Painting

Tudor Revival Style Exterior Options

Tudor Revival Exterior

Good day! Today I am procrastinating from actually accomplishing anything so I’m looking for inspiration for the outside of our home. Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming. And my house looks sad. So, off to the internet to get sucked into the never ending rabbit trails.

I did have wonderful intentions. I faithfully searched for specific key words like 1980’s Tudor Revival Landscape Tennessee. Or Neo Tudor Exteriors. But then I thought it would be a wonderfully wonderful idea to search for before and after pictures of actual remodeled, relandscaped Tudor-esk homes. Mistake #1. [Read more…]

Layered Centerpiece – Pinterest Inspired

Layered Centerpiece

I accepted a challenge to recreate a Layered Centerpiece inspired by an image from Pinterest. So I spent days, weeks, years…well not really but I can spend lots of time browsing Pinterest and not actually accomplishing anything (but coveting). I did find a centerpiece I really liked that I had already pinned to my Centerpiece board.

[Read more…]

Butler’s Pantry – I Want One

Mick De Giulio Butler's Pantry eveislestudios.com

While looking around at kitchen ideas I keep coming across these really great Butler’s Pantries. Sigh…

I want one. I have nowhere to put one, but I want one. All the open shelving and glass front doors and dishes stacked so prettily and baskets and ladders….sigh

So here are a few to inspire you to want one as well. We might as well covet together. [Read more…]

I’d Rather Be Painting

rather be painting

I’d rather be painting but….It’s raining….again (or still).

I have all of this wonderful stuff to paint for our awesome Halloween decorating extravaganza. [Read more…]

Getting Real Around Here

Getting Real

We are getting real around here!

I will soon be officially unemployed! Yay! This is a good thing. Over the last several months I’ve been contemplating what direction I want my life to go in. What do I want to accomplish? Who do I want to become? What characteristics do I like or not like? Deep thinking going on over here.

As far as the blog, I allowed myself to get into the mindset that things had to be perfect before I could really get going with this. [Read more…]

Exciting News at Eve Isle!

Front Garden Eve Isle Studios

Exciting news here at Eve Isle! I, Debra, will be taking a sabbatical from my regular full time job which will give me some time to work on Eve Isle stuff. Yay! We are also looking at starting a booth at a local Antique/Artisan mall so lots of shopping in our future. Who doesn’t love shopping? [Read more…]

Place Settings – Inspiration

Place Settings eveislestudios.com

This post may cost me my blogging privileges, but I’ve never done a post on place settings. As a matter of a fact, I’ve never really set a table with proper place settings. Gasp! Incredible, I know. Nothing more than a simple Christmas centerpiece has graced our table.

I really don’t have anything against setting the table, I’ve just never had an event that required me to use actual place settings. Friend and family gatherings are rather informal around here. [Read more…]

An Unfitted Kitchen Makeover

Unfitted Kitchen

I am seriously considering doing an unfitted kitchen when we get ready to redo the kitchen. The look of furniture instead of cabinets has always appealed to me but I never really considered it for my own kitchen. Why?

Mostly because I’d never seen it done before in a modern kitchen with modern appliances, etc. With the wonderful world of Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram and other online goodies I’ve found some great examples of more modern unfitted kitchens…and I like them.

Here are a few of my favorites and what I like about them, and don’t like. [Read more…]

Housewarming Lady From Kitchen Items

Housewarming Lady

Here’s a little Housewarming Lady I made for a coworker. I’ve never been great at housewarming gifts but I recalled seeing a Spoon Lady made for a bridesmaid party a long time ago. This was quite a bit of trial and error so if something isn’t clear, feel free to ask for clarification. [Read more…]